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$30 Winners Choice Gift Cards

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  • South Lake Tahoe, CA USA (map)
  • Free shipping (United States)
    Local pick up available
This is for “$30 in all Winners Choice Gift Card’s DIGITAL or PHYSICAL!” (Brand New & Unused)

And waaay more!

This will be sent to the winner threw Listia Messages soon after the auction has ended!

Or if requested mail a physical by USPS First Class Mail with Tracking Info!

If there are any Questions or Comments please send me a private message! & have a good day to those looking! ^^

Also check my other auctions out! ---->:

Questions & Comments
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  • Original
    Your literally asking $253 for a $30 gift card?
  • Original
    Lol ya I’m still re learning Listia’s new currency anyways long story short bids placed and I can’t change it so BID if u desire it ^^
  • Original
    Awesome auction:)
  • Original
    I'm definitely watching! Use that XNK calculator link I gave you it helps!
    Thanks will do! And good luck on the auction if u bid ^^
  • Original
    Wow Kelly6 ! XNK is Down 700% from Last year....sad
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