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Money candle spell and accessories!

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This is a listing for a money candle that's been mediated over and charged and I poured some peppermint oil inside which helps with healing. Its not drenched with it, but enough to where you can see it and it seeps/dissolves in the candle. Just because i mediated over it, doesn't mean you can't put your own intentions yourself. I encourage you to put your intentions into it because it makes the candle stronger. Along with that, the winner will get a pack of matches which are great to light your candles for spells, 5 little seashells, and a pack of sage insense to clear and cleanse the air and energy. Plus the candle is a basil scented with also is great for healing. Good luck everyone. ❤❤❤❤

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    Absolutely marvelous auction, watchin and biddin
    Thank you so much. :D ❤❤
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    Love this!
    Thank you. :) ❤
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