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Lets Fill This Used Coach Purse :D

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Here I have a very loved Coach purse. Its such a beautiful and VERY SPACIOUS bag. I have posted as many pics of it as I could to show you the bag inside and out. Yes the bag is used and the outside doesnt seem to show any tears or stains BUT however the inside has quite a bit of stains as shown in pics. I dont see any tears inside or rips. (I ADDED PHOTOS OF MEASUREMENTS ABOVE)

I will be stuffing this bag with random items as the bids go on. Theres no rhyme or reason i’ll just add items as I please. We are starting off with the bag itself and a few material pieces ... few are 100% silk. Could be used as scarves or head wraps or whatever you wish. Just destashing materials / items I do not use. Who knows what items will be next :D

I do ask that if you decide to bid please only bid an amount that you are capable of paying in the end. I will be blocking users who misuse the bidding aspect and any rude people in general. No tolerance on my auctions of bullies to me or anyone commenting.

Good luck bidders and hope you enjoy all the goodies.

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  • Jul 10th 2019, 3:24 PM
    More photos of bag that didnt upload.

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  • Jul 11th 2019, 4:20 PM
    Wow already reached 1000 XNK... I will be adding this brand new summer pineapple tote bag. :D

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  • Jul 14th 2019, 1:08 PM
    Wow wow wow the bids are jumping like crazy. Thanks to everyone that has bid so far here are a few more items I will be adding. :D

    - Brand new womens black shirt in size 2X (faded glory brand)
    - 2 adorable face brushes (blush brush and powder brush)
    - Pretty bling metal clip :D

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  • Jul 14th 2019, 7:30 PM
    Also adding this used shirt in great condition size

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  • Original
    Are you planning to add more hun? It jumped from 1000-5000 pretty fast.. so I was just wondering before I bid again what's next:)
    Yes sorry Ive had a busy weekend. Hehe the fair is in town :D :D :D i’ll post the next few items hehe thanks for letting me know.
  • Original
    Nice! Fanned and Watching!
    Thank you hehe I shall fan ya back :D
  • Original
    My pleasure beautiful, I hope my comment before didnt come off as snooty in anyway.. I worried afterwards that it may not have sounds right.. my apologies if so doll:)♡
    No of course not... :) you’re completely fine I actually appreciate you bringing it to my attention. I have something a little more on the frisky side that I will be adding next :D I hope the bidders will enjoy them.
  • Original
    watching your auction closely, great auction!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you so much!!! :D :D
  • Original
    my pleasure
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