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Argus "C" 50mm F3.5 (for parts)

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  • Fairfield, Maine (map)
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Production years= 1958 to 1966

These cameras were called the "BRICK" camera

Bottom camera= 10 digit: 1828339674

This camera is for parts only, or use for display, I have no idea if parts are missing, I have no idea if camera works.

Damage on leather case photo 7 stitching is broke, can be restitched.
Don't know if flash works or damaged.


I will ship with tracking, I want you to know where your item is located during delivery.

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    Thank you for listing this camera is very rare I can't believe you have one
    Thanks for comment hope you win auction.
  • Original
    Yes I found on weekend, owner said it was in attic of the house they just purchased and the camera was on top inside a box loaded with 90 Morgan silver coins, wish I had the coins. Interesting story!
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