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This is a ladies auction and has over 100 items including 2 purses. 1 green and 1 black with purple accents. The green purse has 2 microscopic blemishes on right corner otherwise perfect. Measures 15 inches wide by 8 inches tall. The purple and black measures 12 inches wide by 8 inches tall. Green purse is made of 100 % pvc but nice. The purple back purse not sure about material. Also have 7 miche designer vanity clutch purse bags. Condition on all but 2 are amazing like new. Everything is used to like new condition varies in entire auction. The blue clutch has 2 small tears on corners but is an adrian edition made june 2011. The red clutch bag is miche scarlett made august 2010. The leopard print miche clutch is Alexandra made jan. 2011. The brown/black miche clutch is Brandi edition made july 2010. The other 3 miche clutches are non edition. Colors are green with gold accents. Purple with green stripe. And rattlesnake type clutch bag. Looks like rattlesnake but not actual rattlesnake skin. Next we have 1 pair of used Michael kors sandal shoes size 7.5. Shoes have issues not perfect but will look nice on your feet. Small section coming apart but just needs small drop of glue. Next we have 7 Danielle steel books special delivery. Lightning. The ghost. Five days in paris. Silent honor. Summers end. Granny dan. Next is a bag of 20 small balls of diff. Colors yarn in a bag. Not new but usable. 1 bag of 3 large tightly woven spin yarn and 3 smaller rolls. 4 large rolls of yarn green tan white yellow. 2 medium red and white rolls yarn. Okay next is 1 bottle aubrey cocoa almond lotion 8 oz. 1 dove style spray 6.1 oz. 5 small citros bottles shampoo. 1 small acrylic bottle violet decorative paint. 1 bottle rubber stamp cleaner. Aleenas collage glue. 2 1oz. Bottles fabric craft paint pen glue 1 pink 1 white. 1 pkg. 23 tally packs. 1 wall basket panier mural box with pink heart pattern. 3 sheets photo stickers.1 Fun EZ Creative Pack, Set of 6 Die Cut Scrapbook Frames.

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  • Jul 12th 2019, 9:56 AM
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  • Jul 12th 2019, 10:00 AM
    This is my biggest auction ever ladies so lets make it a good one. Im taking requests as always and if i can find your request i will keep adding to this auction. Might not be brand new stuff but will be clean and like new if possible. Thanks everyone. I hope everyone has fun with this one.

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  • Jul 12th 2019, 10:31 AM
    The Michael Kors Sandals have a few issues- they were used so i did wash them with soap and water and you can tell there are a few signs of wear on the sides -small crack on left side of sole needs to be glued back and very tiny amounts of unraveling on the side material-hardly noticeable, and i scrubbed the bottom of the shoes-they were kinda dingy, but now they look decent- they are still Michael Kors Designer Sandals. thank you
  • Jul 12th 2019, 10:57 AM
    Also, the Blue Miche Clutch Bag has some minor tear issues on one end of the bag,but other than this Blue miche Bag & the Michael Kors Sandals-everything else is in pretty great shape-Out of the 7 Miche Clutch Bage- 4 of them are Special Edition and have specific dates like on the Brandi Collection,the Adrian Collection, the the Scarlett Collection & the Alexandra Collection-they all have dates on them.. so they are pretty special Bags-Beautiful Clutch Bags- i was lucky to find 7 of them.
  • Jul 12th 2019, 12:54 PM
    Just for Everyones Information, Yes you get all this stuff in this Auction-the Winner does, and Yes it is Free Shipping to you!
  • Jul 12th 2019, 5:39 PM
    I ran out of room for the 2nd half of the Auction description-i had to put in comments, so ive decided to put it in this updat-i exceede 2,000 characters-lol in the main description. so, here is the 2nd half of the Auction description- 1 scrapbook fun kit, 1 pkg. Glenda's fashion patterns, 1 Pillow stitch kit, 1 wools for winter pack, 1 pkg. of Pirate tattoos-50 count, 1 pkg. christmas labels, 1 medium bag of beads, 1 sealed 6 pack boxes of Fresh Mint toothpaste, 1 bag Confetti, 1 Bag Ribbon tape, 1 Pirate Sticks Makeup Kit, 1 Daisy Embellishings Kit, 1 Pkg. Leggs Pantyhose, 2 Pkgs. of Silkies, 2 Embroidery Ensemble Kits, 1 pkg. Manco Clean Tack Cloth, 2 Tubes Silver Glitter, 1 Big Mixed bag of Yarn, Tassels, and Miscellaneous stuff, 6 Handmade Pot holders, 1 Handmade Coin Purse, 1 Med. bag Confetti, 1 Bag of small Green Frogs, 1 bag of 20 small seashells & 1 large shell. 1 bag Potpourri, 1 shatter proof cell phone case, 1 Beautiful rare hand Painted Ceramic Fish on top of a Large Clam Shell, Green Shamrock Confetti, 4 Mug Rugs for Coffee Cups, Pretty Green Coin Purse with Flower Pattern, 1 Emergency Sealed Poncho Pkg., 1 sealed pkg. of Fabric Markers, 2 Sealed Packs of Focus 1 & Focus 2 LED Book Lights-Focus 1 is Blue, Focus 2 is Silver Color,-each one comes with 2 Lithium Batteries included, 1 Medium Bag of Netted Rocks, 1 Small Bag of Netted White Gems, 1 Clean Path Refill Pod, & finally 3 Large Rolls of Yarn- Green, Red, & Tan Colors. Okay add the Main Description to this 2nd Description and you will get all of it. Thanks everyone. Free Shipping!
  • Jul 13th 2019, 4:59 PM
    Okay im adding 5 mary kay items in original boxes. You will get 2 mary kay signature color compacts both have silver color cases. Next you get 2 mary kay signature beige loose powder in plastic jars. .74 ounces. #ca31 and bx29 bronze. Last item is a brand new sealed in plastic mary kay salon direct hand cream tube with sunscreen spf 4. This is a 3 ounce tube.

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  • Jul 13th 2019, 6:15 PM
    Adding 10 design a keychain by kids crafts. Each keychain is 2.25 inches or 5.7 cm. Also adding a georgeous pair of cathy & marsha for catherine stein designer earrings. These are green turtle style earrings with gold color accents on the shell. Earrings are still attached to the catherine stein tag backing.

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  • Jul 14th 2019, 6:49 AM
    Everyone please check out my other 2nd Ladies Auction-i listed it last night-its up. Lots of great stuff in there including Lots of Mary Kay Concealer & Foundation in Sealed boxes- different sizes and Colors, Lots of Jewelry, Sticker Sheets & much more. Thanks Everyone!
  • Jul 14th 2019, 1:47 PM
    I hope everyone likes all the stuff in here. i hope to add more stuff as the bids get higher.
  • Jul 14th 2019, 8:37 PM
    Here is more information on the 2 Pink Boxes of Mary Signature Loose Powder .74 oz.- Bottom Container Info - # CA31 & BX 29. The Colors & Numbers on the Pink Boxes are Light Bronze # 4644 & Bronze # 8000. The Mary Kay Signature Color Compact Pink Box Information is both are # 2502
  • Jul 16th 2019, 6:21 PM
    Adding 1 used coin purse but looks nice. It looks like a coach but i am not claiming that it is. There are no tags visible. But anyone who knows coach should be able to tell by the pictures i posted. Now 1 side looks great but on the other side on top left corner there is a cpuple of tiny blemishes or dark spots but im sure it could be cleaned. Still a nice little coin purse. Measures 5 inches tall by 3 inches wide.

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  • Original
    Wow! This is ALOT ALOT ALOT of stuff! How are you gonna fit it all in 1 box? Lol.. creative packing for sure! Lol..
    Well, I'm definitely interested in this.. fabulous auction sweetie! And thank you for sharing:)♡
    Hi Brandi, f the bids go much higher, i have more stuff to add. this auction will probably take 2 Big Boxes to ship-or 1 Huge Box. Just bid high & bid often & i will keep adding stuff. Im about to list my 2nd Ladies Auction, it should be up within the next 2 Hours, so check that one too. I have TONS of Mary Kay Cosmetics and different Mary Kay items brand new in boxes or sealed in plastic. plus Lots of Jewelry, Stickers, plus more that im about to list in my 2nd ladies Auction. Its gonna cost me a small fortune in shipping, so everyone please bid high & often -the winners will be Happy, i guarantee it.. Some things are New, some are Used, some are like New-i have Crafts & all kinds of stuff for the Ladies. So have fun, and the more you bid, the more stuff you will get. You are already getting a TON of stuff-lol.
  • Original
    Okay i ran out of room-continued....... 1 scrapbbok fun kit, 1 pkg. Glenda's Fashion Patterns. 1 Pillow Stitch Set, 1 Wools for Winter Pack, 1 pkg. of Pirate tattoos-50 count, 1 pkg. Christmas Labels, 1 Medium Bag of Beads, 1 sealed 6 pack of fresh mint toothpaste, 1 bag og Confetti, 1 bag of Ribbon Tape, 1 Pirate Sticks Make Up Kit, 1 Daisy Embellings Kit, 1 Pkg. Leggs Pantyhose, 2 pkgs. of Silkies, 2 Embroidery Ensemble Kits, 1 Pkg. Manco Clean tack Cloth, 2 Tubes Silver Glitter,,1 Big Mixed bag of Yarn, Tassels & Miscellaneous, 6 Hand Made Pot Holders, 1 Hand Made Coin Purse, 1 Medium Bag of Confetti, 1 bag of 20 small green frogs, bag of 20 small shells & 1 Large Shell, small bag of Potpourri, 1 shatter proof cell phone case, 1 Beautiful & Rare Hand painted Ceramic Fish Painted over a Big Clam Shell-must see! Green Shamrock confetti, 4 Mug Rugs for coffee cups, Beautiful Green Coin Purse with Flower Pattern, 1 Emergency Poncho, 1 sealed Package of fabric Markers 2 sealed packs of Focus1 & 2 LED Book Lights includes 2 lithium batteries, Focus 1 is Blue, Focus 2 is Silver Color, 1 Medium Bag of Netted Rocks, 1 Small Bag White netted Gems, 1 Clean path refill Pod-fills 3 Bottles Full, 1 Large Green Roll of Yarn, 1 Large Tan Roll of Yarn, 1 Large Red Roll of Thread Yarn, 1 Large Green Roll of Thread Yarn, & 1 Small Roll of Green Thread Yarn. Okay Ladies, if i forgot something-a description or a Picture-let me know and ill correct it. theres so much stuff in here that this was a HUGE Challenge to list,but i hope ya'll have fun. Most everything is either Used or gently used or Like new. But most things are in great condition except when stated-i included damaged areas of the Blue Miche Bag & the blemishes on the Michael Kors Sandals-but most everything else is in great shape. so good luck everyone!
  • Original
    Any Coach or Michael Kors handbags? new makeup?
    i dont have any of that stuff, sorry, i wish i did. i thought this was a great mixture of stuff
  • Original
    It is
  • Original
    Is it really all this stuff plus free shipping
    yes it is. you get all this stuff and its free shipping to you!
  • Original
    Ty so much
  • Original
  • Original
    Your doing real good on this one. Wish I had the xnk to bid, but I am watching here.
    Thank You Dustie :)
  • Original
    Awesome Auction!!!
    Thank You
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