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iPhone 7 Plus

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  • Free shipping (United States)
Condition- Good ( Used )
Color: Rosegold
GB: 128

Shipping from USA
Shipping is free

Please do not bid if you don’t have the credits!
I only take listia’s currency!

I’m new to listia and I’m hoping to sell more stuff in the future :)

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  • Original
    Hi fabulous listing! Is it unlocked to any carrier??Watching and welcome to Listia! :_)
    Unlocked for any carriers
  • Original
    welcome to listia, home of free cell phones........
  • Original
    another fish has been snagged.....hook, line, and sinker......
  • Original
    Can u post another picture with a piece of paper saying ur listia username on it please and use the same table u used to please ty planning on bidding
  • Original
    Btw will it be factory reset for new user?
  • Original
    What city are you shipping from? Are you shipping via USPS, UPS, FedEx?
  • Original
    No comments since the 13th... here we go again.....When they put that home number up... they are pretty much proving they are not intending to follow thru... I think some of these O feedbacks are using Listia as a go between... must be working....
  • Original
    Not necessarily speaking of this seller...innocent until the item not sent...
  • Original
    Awesome auction! ^_^
  • Original
    dream on.......
  • Original
    Not answering question's, that a bad sign rut roo
  • Original
    Listia needs to regulate newbies and big ticket items more stringently.
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