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Help Me Pack A Poly Envelope With My Design Cards and More

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How this will work I will list the first card you will get, then each bid over 50.00 xnk , I will put another card or Die Cut in the stack for the winner.
I have many cards to fill up and many die cuts I will not be using .So I thought lets see who might want a poly envelope full of good stuff and can use.

Note: Second picture you do not get, that's my horse Romeo and my Lily

All cards are made out of card stock paper with stock and backgrounds on them. All are the originals and have the title and my design label on the back.
Don`t wait til last days to bid cause day before this ends I will not be able to share the pictures with you.
(( !!! And Please do not bid unless you are will and have the xnk. I am getting so tired of buyers not paying for my items I list and this takes from me and my rescue animals !!!!))))
Price is base on helping me ship , this is why I said 50.00 xnk. { I start the bid with 19.00 then for next picture to get posted the bid has to be 69.00 or more. I will count every 50.00 to add cards or Die Cuts to the listing }

All Listia Rules Apply here
I don`t mail nothing from the post office on Thursday`s or Saturday`s.
And do send stamped items from my home mail box.
All items help my rescue animals out in some way on here

Updates may never override the original posting

  • Sep 6th 2019, 1:24 PM
    I have 9 more items to list in this package , but can`t unless the bids start on it.

    With our so call low xnk , someone is getting a Amazing deal here .

    Out side of Listia my cards sale for 3.50 each.

    So this listing is worth with all 8 cards = $ 28.00 and the 2 die cut`s sell for 3.00 each so add another $6.00 to this comes to be $34.00 . And I pay the shipping cost.

  • Sep 6th 2019, 8:07 PM
    Here is the next item and some more of Romeo and my other rescue animals

    This card is called " Last Roundup"

    Photos were added
  • Sep 6th 2019, 8:18 PM
    A few have been asking to see what animals they are supporting in my home. So here are some of the pictures.
    This is me with Lily and Charlie and another one of me and my personal rescued babies ( Lily and Charlie )

    This is Bandit, he was in a small round pen when I found him, not being feed right they were feeding him corn only which lucky he is here with us today, corn is hard on their stomachs and they normally die from eating it .
    He is a Blue roan Appaloosa Mustang

    This Black and white paint just turn 19 years old last week. His name is Ducky, he has warts on his eyes treating with medication, but Vet said due to his age he will turn blind.

    Gypsy is a Blue Pit Bull dog, she came into my life by me rescuing her at the age of 3 months from a bad home.

    Max, is a trash dog he was found in the trash dumpster inside it dying.
    He is now doing great and 8 months old.

    Romeo again, in this picture he was wanting me to get him his apples I had for him that day

    This is Rosie, she is a half Arabian and Racking horse mix bred, she was another one like Bandit only was given corn to eat. She has new owners coming this weekend to see if they want to give her a forever home. She is 6 years old mare.

    Enjoy, I have to take more pictures of the ducks, and Stormie tomorrow .

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  • Sep 15th 2019, 12:48 PM
    As of today I am slowly moving up .
    Hope you all had a nice Friday 13th.
    It was my male Yorkshire Terrier`s Birthday also.
    I rescue him when he was 4 days old. He had a bad case of sand fleas back then and would have died if not for my loving caring vet.
    He is 9 years old now.
    Him and my grand daughter were raised together she is 9 this year also. He birthday is in July .

    I was out a state again, rescuing as normal.

    For this and the bids moving up some I will list the next item my lucky winner will get.

    And sent this will end in 4 days I will go a head and list a few of the other cards.
    All that will be listed is what the winner will get.
    If the biding gets higher I will enclose the rest of the cards.
    I might not be near my lap top ,so I will just share a few now.
    I have listed the pictures of 4 more items out of 9 . Plus the 2 already that has been listed . For a lucky winner.
    Some cards have extra tags with them.

    Photos were added

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  • Original
    Aww poor horse. Glad you have him now. Lily is so precious as well they are awesome :)
    Thank you.
    I need to try to take time and make new pictures of all my fur babies, for re-homing and personal ones too.
    Keep looking, I will try to get some up next month in October.
  • Picture?type=square
    Romeo is a handsome boy. And Lily is a sweetie!!
    Thank you
  • Original
    Aww how precious Sara great picture of Lily and your horse :)
    Thank you. Romeo is a rescue horse too. When I found him , young men were abusing him. He hates me, but I know all men are not men. But, he try to bite someone, so I kept him. He is a doll to me. If, he could he would sit in my
    Lily Mae loves him too. She talks to him a lot. And he answers her back.
  • Original
    It's ok I knew what you meant
    Ok, typing too fast sometimes does that
  • Original
    Me and nobear1959 will get this action rolling ;)
    Thank you both
  • Picture?type=square
    Lol yepper
    Thank you
  • Picture?type=square
    I have had quite a few dogs that had been abused. They pretty much all hate men.
    I have a few like that now, but they get along with my boyfriend, if I am close
  • Picture?type=square
    I actually had one older Lab that it took like 4 months for him to even come to me when my ex was sitting beside me. Someone I know stole him from his abuser and brought him to me knowing I would take him.
    That's so good of you.
    Their is so many in the shelters and even if they say they are a no kill shelter they still do away with them when they have no room for them
  • Picture?type=square
    Used to have dogs continually dropped off at or near my house. One pup I found in my pole barn when I came home from work. I rarely went out there when I got home but something made. me. He was a cutie too.
    I am so proud of you in all your rescues too.
  • Picture?type=square
    Will send you an email with the story of the puppy in the pole barn. It is hilarious.
    ok ,love to hear it
  • Original
    nobear1959, if no one bids I will send you a few cards plus one posted
  • Original
    said wrong ( He hates me) suppose to had said He hates men .
    Sorry about that
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