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☆(New) Cuban Quesadilla Sandwich Recipe ☆

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~❄~❄~❄~❄ SPECIAL NOTICE UPDATE ❄~❄~❄~❄~

❄ DUE to a fall on JULY 19th I am still working and wearing my "Sling" on my "Right Arm" for 3
More Weeks. Please and Thank you for your understanding during this time. As before I will
continue to mail All Your "Winning Items" out as soon as I possible can! ~❄ Thank You!!

❄~❄~❄~❄~❄~ VACATION NOTICE ~❄~❄~❄~❄~❄

We Will Be Out of State Visiting Family Between Sept. 8th to Sept. 14th....I will mail as many
"Winning Items" Out Before we leave but Please be Patience while we're on vacation! ~❄ Thank

~❄~❄~❄~❄~❄~ TODAY'S AUCTION ~❄~❄~❄~❄~❄~

☆Welcome To My Auction Up For Your Choice Today Is☆

❤️~☆~❄•❤️• Cuban Quesadilla Sandwich •❤️•❄~☆~❤️

~☆ Listing Prices Reflects Daily XNK Values which change daily. ALL Listia Rules Apply and Stand
at All Times. Verified Address must be provided within the Listia 7 Day Time Frame. ☆~


~☆ If for any reason your "Winning" Item(s) doesn't arrive within a reasonable amount of time (7 to
12 mailing days). I will "Replace Said Winning Item(s)" to you with a "One (1) Time Only Copy of the
"Winning Item(s)" after the reasonable time has passed as stated above. ☆~

~☆ Please Also Remember that I also have "7 Full Mailing Days" to mail your "Winning Item(s)" to
you from the "Time I Receive Your Verified Address" according to "Listia's 7 Day Mailing Rule". ☆~

~☆ Thank You for Stopping By and Looking at My Auction...If You have Anything 'Special' that you
have been looking for, "Message Me" and I will try to find it for you and Have Yourself A Wonderful
and Great Day ☆~

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