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Piece of book related swag

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Could be a signed or unsigned bookmark or bracelet or cards....

Photo is for example.

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  • Sep 6th 2019, 6:29 AM
    Photo is example of my swag collection.

    Winner to receive swag from authors. I have a large collection due to my time in the literary world.

    Before 5 xnk there will be 1-2 items, at 5 I'll include 1 item signed or a pin or bracelet and 1-2 other pieces. For every 10 xnk I'll add to the prize.

    Again a note: the photo is merely an example of some items I've collected and prize will vary/not contain the items shown.

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    Having exceeded 5xnk there will be 1 signed item and a pin, bracelet or sticker. If it goes over 10 I'll add another item
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    Up to 4pcs of swag.
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    Remember photo is for demo purpose only. Contents will not be identical.
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