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6 PC Games CD-ROMs

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6 old PC games, CD-ROMs. Included are Total Eclipse, Jurassic Park Dinosaur Battles, Bejeweled Deluxe 2, Baldur's Gate Tales of the Sword Coast, Buccaneer, and Creatures 2. Most discs are near perfect, Jurassic Park has a scuff. Some art work is missing, each will come in a jewel case. Most are marked Windows 95/98. All are used condition.

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    How much your asking
    Hi. I see you are new to Listia. Bids are in XNK, a virtual currency. You earn it by giving your stuff away and collecting the XNK from bidders or you may purchase XNK currency to bid with.
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    If I win the bid how much will cost me in real money or no real money required
  • Original
    it depends if anyone else bids. The starting bid is 99XNK. The last I looked 1 XNK was equal to .002cents. You will have to go on your Listia account and buy XNK to add to your account. It will tell you how much it is when you purchase
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