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Rare & Hard-To-Find Doggy Duds Flowery Weatherized Raincoat for a Girl Dog Size Small

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Highest quality like new worn ONCE for a picture (model is Ryn Angeline)
Our puppy girl has outgrown it and never got to wear it (bummer!)
Will be perfect or a dog between 8 and 12 pounds (ours is 18)
Please measure your dog from neck to base of rail. The size is small and measures 12 inches from neck to base of tail. Great for autumn! Stylish fall attire! Inside is soft fleece
Velcro adjustable closures; adorable attached hoodie; very well made
Free Shipping from a NON smoking home; all synthetic fibers
Gorgeous pastel colors, one of a kind (no longer manufactured)

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    If I may comment, my Shih Tzu weighs 11 pounds but a small would be too small for her. She wears a large. She is a little dog but needs room to move around as the fabric is like real raincoat almost plastic and so there is not much give to it. She even outgrew her puppy front on your chest carrier and wears a large. Since I bought it she has been clipped quite short and it is roomy but I am happy with it. The raincoats are so great though. Your poor animal does not come in shivering and soaking wet. I found boots would just not stay on so I use small freezer bags with an elastic. They are great and the freezer ones are heavier plastic so last forever. Since May she is still wearing 2 of the original ones. Again it saves a mess on your carpets and having to wash their feet every time they go out in the rain.
    Hello. So nice to meet you (already your fan). You are absolutely right. Dog clothing, sometimes, run smaller to size. I guess, like with people, they want to save on the fabric. This is why it is so important for folks to measure their dogs. Also, there is discrepancy between different manufacturers. Some are more "generous" than others. And it is common that dogs of the same breed weigh differently too. For example, our 10 year old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel (male), Rex Wolfheart, weighs 36 pounds, twice the size of Ryn Angeline, our 4 year old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel (female). He's just tall and very unique with big muscles-a super cavalier! I have seen pomeranians who weigh 5 pounds and others who weigh 15. I posed size small because that is the formal size of the raincoat. The most important aspect of it is to measure one's dog.
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    I changed it to say it would fit a dog 8 to 12 pounds instead of 10 to 15.
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