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Victoria’s Secret Rollerball Perfume Duo

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Here I offer you
Victoria’s Secret Rollerball Perfume Duo
Wicked & Crush

Use GIN and receive a full size Bath and Body Works item

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  • Nov 11th 2019, 7:30 AM
    ♥️ GIN includes ONE B&BWs full size item. Fragrance depends on stock availability. I’ll send a list of what’s available for u to choose. Or you may ask to be surprised :)

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    Do you get everything in the basket plus that perfume for the asking price
    Hi there. For GIN price you get the VS rollerball perfume and ONE full size bath and body works item. Fragrance for B&BWs item depends on availability. And I have more coming in. Thank you!
  • Original
    Thank you
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