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Italian Glass Clown 4 Listed Win All for Bonus $20.00 Gift Card

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I have 4 Italian Glass Clowns to list some still have their sticker Murano, or Tuscany all are Italian Glass. See Ruler for height to each.
Win ALL 4 OF THEM (all in separate listings) you will be saving me on shipping and so I will give a bonus $20.00 gift card of Walmart or Amazon, the Walmart one will be delivered with this package or the Amazon sent from Amazon separate, your choice.
This one has some broken pieces see last two pics, it also has its Murano sticker, This is also the biggest one.

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    You said that in your listing that you won all 4 ,is that the 4 in this listing or is it the ones you have in each listing to bid on
    the 4 listings I have on glass clown all are separate and I list that way just incase someone already has one of them and did not want them bunched into 1 auction. So basically I list 4 items, that is 4 times shipping I have to pay which is 4 times priority since it is glass, but if the winner wins them all they are saving me on 3 times what I would have paid because it is bundled into one, so I will pass that onto them with a gift card. They must win all four of them, which all 4 have the same title and can be searched that way or click on cseib and you will find all 4 were listed close to the same times. Hope that helps.
  • Original
    Ok thanks
    Any time, thanks for stopping by.
  • Original
    Dont be Creepy CSeib! Lol. Silly Clowns... though, TBH this is such a random type auction I would have listed... Whenever I dig them up from their bottomless pits of unopened boxes from moving A YEAR AGO LOL! Speaking of auctions bout time I start listing stuff!...
    lol yes many are scared of clowns, and yes you should list stuff too. This site does help many for the holidays like Christmas and gifts.
  • Original
    carolyn and the reason I did it that way is I have already paid over 700.00 on auction I have listed which is a lot lol, so I just try to save or use my earning to help make up for it with something of value such as gold.
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