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this auction is for a brand new kawaii "unicorn" notebook, ink pen & keychain set. this unicorn set was put together by me maya. winner will receive all 3 items exactly as pictured. all items are 100% brand new & never used. no lowering gin,splitting or substitutions will be made. thanks for looking & good luck to you all.●﹏●

♥1-pink,purple & white unicorn spiral notebook(60 sheets) 4.6 in. × 8.3 in.

♠1-purple & white unicorn ink pen

★1-pale pink & silver glitter pom-pom unicorn keychain

❌please complete this auction by:

#1(sending payment)points!

#2(sending your verified address within 3 days after the auction ends)

#3(leaving feedback once items are received)

❌if that isn't done i will have to block you permanently. thank you.

i have 7 days to ship this unicorn set out after the auction ends. so please be aware & understand that i may need the full 7 days. if that's a problem for you please do not bid. i don't lower my days,starting bids or gin's. please don't ask.

❌i only ship to verified addresses.
no exceptions!
❌filing a dispute without contacting me first=permanently blocked! no exceptions!

#drama free zone

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