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BNIB Women's REVEL Carpe Diem Eau De Toilette Full Size Bottle

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Up for grabs is a BNIB, Women's REVEL "Carpe Diem" Eau De Toilette, Full Size: 2.5 FL. OZ (75ml) Bottle of Perfume

This is REVEL's expression of "Viva La Juicy® by Juicy Couture®."
••It is NOT associated, in any way, with "Viva La Juicy® by Juicy Couture®" or the original frangrance of "Viva La Juicy® by Juicy Couture®"


(Winner Chooses whether the GIN bonus will be for women or for men)

All Listia Rules Apply!
**I do NOT ship outside the USA**

Happy Bidding & Good Luck! :)

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  • Nov 19th 2019, 7:50 AM
    To make this auction a bit more interesting I've decided to add a few little things as bids go up.

    To start - winner gets the REVEL Carpe Diem (obviously lol)

    But at 100 XNK, I'm going to add in a Brand New Jamberry Gold Marble Like Pattern Full Sheet Nail Wrap

    (Pictures Provided)

    Photos were added
  • Nov 25th 2019, 5:31 AM
    Snap! Just realized we hit the first milestone :/ so now the nail wraps have been added. I'll be paying a visit to my store later today to see what other goodies we can add to this auction.

    GIN gets anything & everything added PLUS the choice of a bonus his or hers full size perfume/parfum.

    Photos were added
  • Nov 26th 2019, 4:21 PM
    So, I did a little shopping :)

    @ 500 XNK, I'll be adding this Brand New Spalogix Strawberry Tea Tree Deep Cleansing Facial Sheet Mask. Pics already added.

    Photos were added
  • Nov 26th 2019, 4:24 PM
    Got plenty of other stuff to add, let's get some bids rolling in :)

    Photos were added
  • Dec 1st 2019, 10:32 PM
    Apologies for the delay in updating.. got 3 kiddos all down with a bug :/

    However, I will be adding another Jamberry Full Sheet Nail Wrap in the morning.

    If bids hit 1000 XNK another Nail Wrap will be added (Jamberry)

    At 1500 XNK I'll add another face mask (Spasations)

    I also have a few smaller goodies I'll be adding in between milestones, I just wanted to get a couple main goals out there.

    Photos were added
  • Dec 2nd 2019, 10:44 AM
    Second Jamberry Full Sheet Nail Wrap Has Been Added :)

    Photos were added
  • Dec 2nd 2019, 10:50 AM
    At 1000 XNK, the 3rd Jamberry Full Sheet Nail Wrap will be added. I've provided pictures just so my awesome bidders/watchers can see what could be next :)

    I also have this exact same pattern in Black as well.. I would like to add it but first we gotta see some bids. Only a few days left to grab some additional goodies.

    Photos were added
  • Dec 4th 2019, 4:34 PM
    We've not only hit the 1000 XNK milestone for the Jamberry Nail Wrap but also 1500 XNK for this Spasations Gold & Collagen Detoxifying Sheet Mask :)

    At 2000 XNK I'll add the follow Jamberry Nail Wrap, shown in pics

    At 2500 XNK I have a Mystery Jamberry Full Sheet Nail Wrap I'd like to add :)

    If we can hit these goals before the last 24 hours, I have some extras I'm gonna throw in as bonuses.

    Again, GIN gets EVERYTHING!!
    *All items currently added
    *All items I have that I'd like to add
    *The extra bonuses AND
    *Winners choice of a bonus "his or hers" Full Sized Perfume/Parfum

    Please Note: This auction will be shipped ground, due to the contents, so it will take an extra couple days to be delivered, especially given the impending weather conditions in some locations.

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  • Dec 5th 2019, 4:48 AM
    Sweet! We've hit the previous two goals. I feel like adding a little extra packaging with the current items, will be good. So I'll be adding a NWOT Rewind Ladies Top. Pics to come in just a few - not quite awake on my part yet lol I need coffee!

    Photos were added
  • Dec 5th 2019, 5:57 AM
    This is the first Rewind Ladies Top I'll be adding, it is a size Large

    @ 5000 XNK I'll be adding another Spalogix Strawberry Face Mask

    @ 6000 XNK I'll be adding the next Ladies Rewind top size XL but looks to fit the same as a Large

    @ 8000 XNK I'll be adding a 3rd Ladies Rewind Top size XL and looks to fit about the same as the large, as well.

    If bids hit 10000 XNK before the last 24 hours, I'll be adding this Sexy Black Ya Brand Spaghetti Strap Double Layered Sheer Tulle Négligé size Medium (apologies, my camera didn't want to cooperate)


    Photos were added

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  • Original
    Holy updates, is there an option to turn off these notifications?
    Honestly, I'm not sure if there is an option to turn off notification for a specific listing. The only reason you are getting updates is because you either placed a bid or have the item on your watch list.
  • Original
    Ok I bid on it was just wondering, no big deal thank you:)
    Not a problem. I'll try limiting the updates by putting more into a single update. Only 2 days and some hours left.
  • Original
    Ok no problem:) I'm your highest bidder again
    Awesome, thank you! :)
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