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Energizer Industrial 24 Pack AAA Batteries(New In Box)

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Up for auction is new in box 24 pack of AAA batteries from Energizer. Buyers must be viefied and have address sent within 3 days after auction closes or I will repost and no refunds for buyers remorse.

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  • Dec 1st 2019, 5:10 AM
    Just to let you guys know, please be viefied and get that address sent to me as soon as this auction ends, so I can get it sent out the next day.

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    Hello, what is the expiration date on the batteries? Thanks
    Nothing on the box of an expiration date i git these at my work and they where wrong size 4 me
  • Original
    Great auction! Fanned and watching. I’m new to Listia
  • Original
    Thanks for the quick reply! One of the pictures of the back of the box shows 2016, but that is most likely not an expiration date so I was just wondering if these were still viable. If the box isn’t sealed, perhaps you could check one of the inter-batteries to see, as they always have an expiration date of some sort on them. Definitely want to bid, but want to make sure the batteries will be good to go. Thanks again.
    The box is sealed never been open
  • Original
    Ok, thanks again.
    Np but i do have s single pack from the same year but expiration date on the box
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