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Woman’s New York Giants T-Shirt And SnapBack her with surprise bonuses

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Hello everybody I’m back for a bit so I’m gonna list a few things first off wanna say happy holidays to everyone so to get started I have a size medium New York giants tshirt and matching snap back both brand new with tags also I will be adding a few bonuses for the winner.

Please no rude comments on my auctions ask questions as needed all listia rules apply so lets have fun and bid good luck.

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  • Nov 20th 2019, 5:08 PM
    I’m adding a few Avon bonuses and a Ipsy makeup bag

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  • Original
    Best auctions always. Yay. Your back. Let's really rock this party my Beautiful Sis. Love always xoxo sis
    Glad to be back
  • Original
    Wonderful auction :)
    Thanks so much for coming by
  • Original
    I always try, so many have left I have checked and it will say 6 months since been on even over a year. Bu there are some still here which is good :)
    Listia has changed so much that’s why ppl are leaving and than all the drama
  • Original
    yes I have heard so much since I was gone for awhile from many, MANY lol. This site was my favorite, the only one where people can openly chat and connect, which was great. Sad to see so many go, but I did see it coming way before it happened. I will always keep my account open, always come back for movie codes, but for now just want to get rid of stuff before I move, but will always list digital here and there. It is good to see you, and yes it has changed the site has, the people not too much lol ;) But there is bad and good in all things its life, so glad you are on here and I do see a few of the others that stayed which is great, but they are not listing near as much as they were. You take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
  • Original
    We are so Blessed to have you back my beautuful sis ❤
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