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Fresh from the farmer's market Fall

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Author: Alastair Hendy
ISBN-10: 1841720224
ISBN-13: 978-1841720227
Publisher: Ryland, Peters & Smalls (2002)
Hardcover: 80 pages

Fresh from the farmer's market: Fall takes some of the best fall produce and uses them in easy, spectacular fuss free recipes that can be used year round.

Squash and pumpkin are fall incarnate. Try them in easy and unusual recipes like lamb shanks with fall squash ratatouille or broiled chicken with pumpkin couscous.

Nuts come into their own in the fall. Try pecans, walnuts, pistachios and brazil nuts, hazelnuts and chestnuts. And don't forget peanuts! They are used in Persian chicken with coconut and pistachios, Beef stew with chestnuts, and Hazelnut tiramisu cake.

Mushrooms range from cultivated varieties to fall specialties like porcine, chanterelles and other wild fungi. Try Pork chops with peppered mushroom gravy or Roasted mushrooms with horseradish mascarpone.

Apples are at their best in fall. Pot roasted game bird with apples, cabbage, juniper and cream, Apple griddlecakes with blackberries and charming baby apple pies.

Pears are a delicious part of dishes such as Chocolate pears, Ginger toffee pears with rice pudding and Honeyed vanilla pears with soft cheese.

Over 30 recipes can be mixed and matched in this book and with many of your other favorite recipes.

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