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1 Gateway M405 Laptop PC 15" (Black)
Intel Pentium M 1.60GHz
40GB HD / 1.25GB RAM

YES Includes Charger !

Currently Running Windows Vista SP2 32-Bit, Originally XP, but Upgraded to Vista. No OS disks included,but I do have some back copies I will include, You can also backup current state and revert to it if you mess something up.


-Cosmetically Good Condition, Light signs of Use, but nothing major, Screen is fine, No Cracks Anywhere, No Broken Pieces, ALL Ports Work Good.

-Battery is Old, Only Holds For 20-25 Minutes after FULL Charge, Sometimes Less, Surely even more as it is used. New Battery is recommended but not essential, You can just keep it plugged in all the time and use it as a desktop at home.

-Speed is Atrocious, It can barely handle one program at a time. The Computer itself, NOT the Wifi. The Wifi has no issues, works Great.
I am not PC Savvy, SO am do not know how to speed it up. I know there are PC wiz kids out there that can trick these old ones out to their full potential, Unfortunately I cannot.
As seen in pictures, Youtube LIVE streaming ran fine, no freezes, no crashes. But of course, this was not until it was all loaded, opening up internet window, and navigating to video was terrible.

-Conclusion is, the PC Laptop has tons of potential for those few who have that knowledge. Aside from trying to speed up, the PC Laptop has all working parts that can be used, Body can also be used for DIY projects.

-I have described Laptop PC above,PLEASE do NOT purchase without reading and understanding situation. BUYER BEWARE.
Any Legit Question is Encouraged, But Rude Comments & Rudely Asked questions will be Blocked and Reported, You may forward any negative comments or concerns to any Listia MOD official. If you do not like item or price, check out my FREE SHIPPING items with ZERO Starting Bid, Just Search Ashley1504

(refer to all pics for details)
(pet-free,smoke-free Home & Owner)

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    I’m getting it for my daughter pls can I pay through PayPal?
    Only XNK is allowed on
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    Text me on (803) 820-2105‬ about it
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    Can I get the items for sales
    Yep, just press the "get it Now" button.
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