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Geo Z Lefton's 1956 Geisha Lady Decor Numbered

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Geo Z Lefton's 1956 Geisha Girl numbered stands 8.5 inches tall free shipping.

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    She is just beautiful! Great Idea for Christmas presents. Happy Holidays.
    Thank you so much :) Happy holidays to you and your family as well :)
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    Why is it everything I click on/like is something of yours, are killin' me smalls! :D
    lol Im sorry, this is an old collectible I do have a lot of Asian stuff I need to still list also ;) Thanks for coming by coming by, bids are still low you can still have good chance winning it low. These sell for around 60, but then also many people like to just keep their their age, I dont know why but I am always drawn to things for that and the age. She is got a pearly sheen to her, the camera does not pick that up well.
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    I have the same prob MamaBear….lol
    Ms. csib I love it!
    Awww thank you so much :), this is definitely one of my favorites as it has a pearl almost "carnival glass glaze" to it. I have some more I will be listing a tea pot that sits on a stand and some large Asian theme eggs with stands :)
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