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Fastest VPN lifetimes subscription

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This is for a global code for a life’s times supply supply of VPN I know the code isn’t used because I haven’t touched, I also don’t need any more VPN, as I’m a freelance computer engineer, the winning bid will have the code Listia emailed. Be aware that I will not refund your XNK if you did not read the description, ask questions in a reasonable amount of time, you do not know what a digital game is or how it works, anything that is your fault, etc. It is unfortunate that I must post this but there are many people that are wasting my and their time by being unawares of what they are buying. If it is my fault, you will be refunded but I know the digital game codes work

Be aware that I check every code before posting and before sending. I cut and paste from the site from which I am checking. There can be only one reason why a code would not work when you receive it and that would be that you used it.

When I say no refunds.. I mean recent events.. Have annoyed me slightly.. As I didn't realise.. That it actually costs me credits.. To refund people.. through something that wasn't my fault because they didn't read it properly So please only bid if you want the item.. And have got the funds to pay for it.. Plus I know my codes all work... Because I test them all religiously..

non payers will be blocked from bidding on my auctions again

Listia’s rules state it should be paid within 7 days, So you should try and adhere to that

FYI it is code you just need to redeem it on site

I’ll send the links you need after the auction has finished you’ll be able to create your own account and password ect.. I am just giving you the code you redeem it on site
And apparently it’s worth $1,200, if you use VPN a lot.. I do.. but I already have life times subscriptions for a couple of other services. I use so it’s the reason why I am selling this one

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    Code working with Vietnam user
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    The code has to be redeemed here and an account created.. so kindly copy and paste the link above into your browser and let me know.. if you can use it??
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