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Vintage German Black Forest Doll 12"

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Antique hard plastic "hand-strung" doll, approx 12", wearing traditional German Black Forest outfit:
Doll features hard plastic head, torso, arms and legs with cord connecting head and limbs to body. There is movement available at head/neck, shoulder/arms, hip/legs.

Eyes are painted blue; Lips, cheeks and nostrils are painted various shades of pink/red.
Black hair in braided in two long braids with black ribbon bows on ends. Right side braid has come undone at end and appears longer.
Clothing includes:
Black felt hat with 3 red pom poms
One piece dress featuring white cotton sleeves with lace trim ends, red felt torso with golden yellow to look like suspenders, black felt skirt with horizontal golden stripe, & bronze colored apron; black ribbon bow in front, & black ribbon bow around neck.
Undergarments: white cotton slip, white cotton knit tights, white cotton knit bloomers
Black vinyl shoes

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From a NON-SMOKING, Bug free, cat-loving household.

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