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Horace Falcon with Hieroglyphics (Handcarved-300BC)

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Horace Falcon with Hieroglyphics (Handcarved-300BC). Horace is the God of Gods of early Egyptian culture and one of the more well known gods that has almost received as much public interest as the Egyptian god "RA".

The statuette of "Horace" is composed of handcarved stone with hieroglyphics on the base, it stands about 9cmH x 7cmW x 2D.


Payments: Venmo (Preferred & Simplest for everyone), Google Pay, Bitcoin. I will accept most payment methods (if not a member will sign up to collect). I don't accept Paypal (too much drama anymore with this company).


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  • Nov 30th 2019, 10:55 PM
    Item has been destroyed. auction is void. sent message to delete listing, for i could not find option to delete myself.

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