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Brown Seal $1 Silver Certificate Series 1935-A

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Hawaii brown seal silver certificate in circulated condition extra fine to A.U. as pictured #36371020 in a hard plastic sleeve to preserve the condition.Gin bonus blue seal 1935-E as pictured and random barber quarter 90% silver$$

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    Yahoo. WONDEFUL auction dear friend. ☄☄☄☄☄
    You can win this! Thanks for the bids!!
  • Original
    The average lifespan of a $1 and a $5 bill is about four and a half years.
    The $1 brown seal star note has a mintage of only 500, how many do you think have survived?
  • Original
    Who gave Johnny Cash or Eddie Money? Was it the same guy that gave Robert DeNiro?
    No I gave Eddie some money$$
  • Original
    These were lines from Name Dropper by Steve Kehala. YouTube it.

    He takes celebrity's names and turn them into questions like Why was Betty White?
    OLD! Everybody turns white A? How many star notes would have survived?
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