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User Nintendo Wii with extras

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Used Nintendo Wii with 7 games. Everything you need to have a fun family night. Includes all the hardware except for controllers. What you see is what you get. All items listed so please read. All Listia rules apply!

* Wired Sensor Bar
* AC Adapter Cable
* AV Cable
* Console Stand
* 1 Wii Console
* 7 Games (2011 Deal or No Deal, Dora saves the Snow Princess, Dora saves the Crystal Kingdom, Sesame Street Cookies Counting Carnival, Playground, Super Mario Bros Wii, Mario&Sonic at the Olympic Games)

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  • Jan 6th 2020, 8:30 AM
    Please read description!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jan 13th 2020, 11:13 PM
    You know what, since there is so much confusion on this auction, I will do this. I will include the 2nd wii but I cannot guarantee that the 2nd one works. Which would be the bottom one in the picture.

    Photos were added
  • Jan 15th 2020, 1:12 AM
    I checked the second wii and it doesn’t turn on. Like I said, I will include it anyway. Happy Bidding!

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  • Original
    If you were including both Wii's then it would be a great deal to go for. =)
    Yup it would but I only have one. I was too lazy to take a pic of just one. I sold the other one.
  • Original
    need some clarifying..
    description says:
    " what you see is what you get"..
    " 1 wii console"

    but you have 2 consoles pictured..

    so do we get what we see or what is described...?
    Yes, sorry it’s only one wii. I posted it in the description.
  • Original
    Which Wii is the one your giving away? The top of bottom one?
    Good question, I am giving away the top wii.
  • Original
    What you see is what you get...except not everything you see...
  • Original
  • Picture?type=square
    do they work'''
    Yes of course. But you are only receiving one wii. Please read other comments. Thank you
  • Original
    Do u have controllers in a sep auction?
    unfortunately i no longer have the controllers
  • Default avatar m
    How can I list without any complications here?
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