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Brand New Kitty Litter Box

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Brand New Kitty Litter Box
Removable litter shield to prevent litter spray
Open top offers easy accessibility for cleaning
High back shields/sides protect floor from litter scatter.
Keeps litter in & dirt out. Uses standard litter pan liners. Approximately 12" x 20" x 16" Inches
Random Color

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  • Original
    Really need this but only have 5,000.00 Darn. =(
    Sorry ~
    For me as a seller
    after Listia's 10% GIN fee
    5,000 xnk has less than a $2 value :(

    I list these all year long though, so there's time to save up for it :)
  • Original
    I like The third pic it's a neat idea but alot of cats claw the bag up around the side and the bag would tear apart when removing lol. Wish they had something a bit more tough that we could use that is nearly impossible to claw up for a cat so cleaning would be just easy as 1, 2, 3. lol
    There is a kitty litter liner bag that is thicker and less easy to tear :)
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