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Jesse James Bead Set For Making A Necklace - 21 Day Progressive Listing

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The strand of beads is 7 inches long and the measuring tape will give you the approximate measurements of the various beads. The black and white coin beads are glass but I don't know about any of the other components.

The first 3 photographs are of the Jesse James set, front and back of the tag. The remaining photos are of a bunch of the stuff which I have been weeding out of mass purchases, gifts, barters, etc.
There are enough beads, findings, finished necklaces (none made by me), semi-precious gemstones, etc., that I could run 3 or 4 progressive auctions, and more is being added as the sorting continues. I am not sorting out all the "junk" in my collection; rather I am sorting out colors, materials, items which I don't like. If I don't like it I don't work with it.

if you see something which interests you, in that stack on my cutting board, ask and I will chuck it in if it isn't already in another progressive auction. The addition of items will not be dependent on the amount the bid has risen, rather, the value of each additional item will depend on the bid. Remember, just because I don't like it doesn't mean that it won't have value to you.

Please realize that the starting bid isn't even enough to cover shipping costs. If you would like to double check this you can check the XNK/US Dollar $ exchange rate at:

Enter XNK in the block that contains "Bitcoins" and enter the amount of XNK in the box above that.

If you have any questions please ask before bidding. I will do my best to answer them.

All Listia rules apply.

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    Day 2: 17-20mm, greasy pink glass beads, 1-10mm bead and 16-6mm faceted round beads.
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    Day 3: 4-12mm light blue, large hole (Troll/Pandora/Euro style) textured, acrylic beads.
  • Original
    I'm going to add a couple more days' stuff. From now until Friday evening I have several medical appointments and will probably forget if I don't do it now.
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    Day 4: 8-18mm blue, glass starfish.
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    Day 5: 2-20 mm round, ornate, pink beads. If these are glass they are very lightweight.
  • Original
    Day 6: 30 inch green necklace. As you can see, one of the beads has lost a large flake of color. This is too light to be glass so I'm not going to re-string it.
  • Original
    Day 7: 10mm rose (?) Charm and 22mm Madonna pendant. These are mystery metal, probably silvertone but the Madonna could be pewter.
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