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AirPod Identicals Generic

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AirPods with Charging Case

These are GENERIC AIRPODS these aren’t REAL AIRPODS although these are 1:1 identicals meaning they’re as close to real as possible

They ship with with a charger as well and the handbook, showing you how to pair them.

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  • Default avatar m
    What would be your lowest?
  • Original
    Probably 40,000
  • Original
    Your gonna have to relist anyway, you got newbies ruining this auction
    I’ve replied. Thanks for letting me know.
  • Original
    I’ll list another one shortly, thanks for letting me know. Please everyone who is new make sure you have the proper amount of credits before bidding.
  • Original
    Yeah I'm pretty sure that's a kid who made that profile anyway which is also a violation, what did they say
    You are correct it is 18 age requirement, I wrote him and let him know not to bid and I’m pretty sure they disregarded it. Although, I’ll be reaching out to Listia regarding this because you are correct if he keeps it up he’ll end up winning.
  • Original
    Did you block them, doing so will prevent them from continuing to bid
    I did indeed thank you
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