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MICRO TERRARIUM {Only 4" Tall & Full of Living Plants} ***One of a Kind & Totally Handmade***

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CHECK OUT THE NEW PICTURES!!! Healthy ecosystem Glistening in sunlight!
As always, Winner will get the exact item shown. I started working on this about 6 months ago. Some of the work was painstakingly tedious. It underwent a couple of different methods to keep the environment healthy and vibrant. This was a project of patience and focus. Thank you for letting me share it with you. Even if you do not bid (which you should) I hope you will enjoy the pictures.

Let's talk about what's inside. You get 2 different plants. A freaking awesome Miniature Begonia and a Strawberry Begonia. They adapt quickly and seem to like the environment of the bottle. Green carpet moss secures and finishes the terrarium
The terrarium is made inside a 4" vintage rose water bottle. Inside are quartz crystal chips and polished Rose quartz. Finally is a desert Rose Rock from Oklahoma. It's about the size of a marble. It resisted but finally it slipped through the hole.

If you have questions I am the man to ask (really). Please ask them before bidding.
You're probably asking yourself, "How will he pack and ship with no damage to the amazing and fabulous Micro Terrarium?" This is a tricky thing but I believe I have it covered. Understand some shifting will absolutely occur. Those things will be an easy fix because I will be sending long tweezers that I used to make it and some little plants in the event you need them Please contact me before filing litigation. I promise I can make you happy (that what she said). Simply make the adjustments gently with the tweezers. I'm a fair guy so please bid with confidence.
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  • Original
    Very nice! Is that ivy & strawberry begonia I see in there?
    Well, my angel you are close. There's a Strawberry Begonia. The other is also a Begonia (Begonia Dregei)!!!
  • Original
    Nice! I will havta look that one up!
    Your package should be there today! Xoxoxo
    I spent today getting my terrarium ready. I'll send you a pic later.
  • Original
    Yeaa! I can’t wait.... oh I forgot to send you pics of mine too!
  • Original
    You crack me up! ❤
    I'm glad for that! Thanks for that!
  • Original
    Oh I think I might love this!
    It's really quite special. Thanks for the comment!
  • Picture?type=square
    Way cool. I don't have the points right now but that looks amazing. I have bought a venus flytrap one online before and it was cool but wasn't nearly as nice to look at as what you out together.
    Thank you. I appreciate you taking a look!
  • Original
    Absolutely gorgeous Sam!!! Wow love it :)
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