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HEADLESS BABY DOLL with Broken Porcelain Face, Glasses & A Squishy Bum!}

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If you don't BID on this auction you're just being a prude because you know you want it.
You really want it.
Therefore, the winner of this soiree gets exactly what you see in those pictures. A doll that's had it's head un-attached and tossed by a bloody tosser. This caused the face to break.
As it would.
The addition of glasses is cruel if you want my 2 cents. It's feet are clean.
I love it when a doll gives her feet a good wash.
Finally, if you win the creature, when it arrives check out the squishy bum. Don't linger tho. Perv.
Ask questions that are relevant. Listia Rules states you must BID TO WIN!!!

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  • Feb 17th 2020, 5:55 PM
    Neck wound.
    Very broad shoulders for a girl, don't you agree?

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    Haha! "I love it when a doll gives her feet a good wash," he said.
    Truer words were never spoken!
  • Original
    Gee whiz Sam what in the world did you do to this poor doll??
    I really did rip her head off. Then I took off all her clothes.
  • Original
    PC,,,,,her squishy bum is because it is filled with little plastic pellets to give her a little weight so she can sit! Mystery solved! And keep your hands where they belong! lol Remember,,,,I make porcelain dolls! By the way, does she have a symbol, name or any number across the base of her neck? SBR
    The headless baby has no neck. I pulled it off. It a thing with me and dolls.....
  • Original
    Almost a SMH moment!
  • Original
    Too bad I don't have enough XNK for her! I bet I have a porcelain head that would fit her! SBR
    I'm thinking a little tiny head would be awesome.
    **No, I haven't forgotten the turtles. They're shy and can only do so much press time. Hahahaha
  • Picture?type=square
    SiZE please. If possible, approx. size of head. I have some heads that might fit. Thanks
    It's about 9/10 inches from her sparkling feel to the top of her shoulders. The head was about 4" (about the size of a Red Delicious apple). If you're wanting to transplant a head it will need a neck too (sounds very Frankenstonian,, don't you think?).
    I will update a picture that will better show the gaping hole that her head once was attached. Thanks for the interest!
  • Original
    Silly Sam! The head for this doll comes with a neck! The neck should have a small ridge in it so you can tie it tight. And there you have it! A doll with a new head/neck!
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