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Sodalite Lapidary Sample (duller than dish water)

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Winner will have to accept the piece shown in the pictures.
Measures 3" x .75" x 1.5"
It's broken off a larger (Captain Obvious)
Blue Sodalite (not diet soda... I think it's a metaphor).
Ask any questions but I refuse to answer any concerning my dashing good looks. It not fair.
Just bid, follow the rules, but mostly shamelessly BID

I Like Turtles

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    Another rock head auction.. Coolness :)
  • Original
    Ahhhh PC., must comment on "dashing good looks". If you were up for auction no one would have enough XNK to bid for you! What a bidding war that would be!
    I googled sodalite and when it is polished this is a very pretty gemstone! Just sayin'. SBR
    LOL You're a sweetheart SBR. I agree, sodalite is quite lovely. This piece however, is duller than dishwater
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    PS,,,,,,I almost forgot! I love turtles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And frogs. SBR
    I like vanilla ice cream... and chocolate sauce.
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    Vanilla ice cream, HOT FUDGE sauce, whipped cream, nuts and a cherry!!!! But don't feed any to the turtles or frogs or they will get a tummy ache! SBR
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