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As shown.
needs home button which i do not have.
see all pics.
back cover is scratched.
as is.
no charger, just the shown iphone.
imei: 013972007829281.
please do not gin if you are not going to mark this received in a timely fashion.
you will be blocked.
thank you.
i had the power button for this and it disappeared.
if it turns up, i will include it.

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    Wanna do 25k?
    no thanks-i will keep it and repair it myself if i have to-thanks for the offer
  • Original
    How about 30k?
    I will email u
  • Original
    Change price and I’ll buy?
  • Original
    Icloud locked?
    don't think so-this was won off of here and i was not told that-thanks for lookin'
  • Original
    Can u check if it has icloud?
    you can do that if you want-i listed the imei #
  • Original
    The imei is different, can u go through the setup process and if u bump into icloud activation locked then its pretty much paper weight
    it is not different-i ran it before-it says it is an iphone 5-s. And t tried to go thru the settings-i cannot because the power button is needed to do that-to run it otherwise costs money which i will not pay- i am sure if it was a paper weight, the previous owner here on listia would have been honest - sorry
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