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New Personalized Slider Bracelet "Melanie" / Bonus W/GIN / Free Shipping

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New Stravina brand, Pink with sparkles, Personalized Slider Bracelet with the name MELANIE on it.

*GIN BONUS DOUBLE* If winner uses the GIN, they will get another MELANIE Slider Bracelet, which will be purple, included*

Free Shipping

Please note: It costs about $4.00 for me to ship this Free to the winner, so please don't ask me to lower starting bid. Unfortunately, due to some less than honorable Listians, who are under investigation now, who use unfair and ILLEGAL tactics to alter the bidding process, I no longer put a starting bid lower than the price I have to pay outright to send it. I've lost way to much money in the past because of them, and God knows who they are. Therefore, Please contact me right away, if you are interested in any of my auctions, and have had errors or problems when trying to bid, as the investigation process will eventually reveal the REAL TRUTH about those that have multiple accounts, and/or they are deceiving and literally Stealing from us, "the good ones left, here on Listia." God knows, I'm definitely one of the Good ones left. God Bless.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding. :)

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