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Lingerie and tank tops! Pick 1 :)

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Winner picks one...

- lovers lane size small black with pink flowers outlined negligee top
- red and black silky lingerie top with legging attachment clips small..chest area very small
- blue teal tank top size small..Aeropostale
- blue glittery spaghetti strap tank top

Gin is an option..for one garment of your choice

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  • May 8th 2020, 7:54 AM
    Blue tank has a lil stretch..last tank is lil small around breastplate

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  • Original
    Such an awesome selection! Love the 1st and 2nd Lingerie Pieces especially!

    Great Auction!

    Fanned and Watching!
    Thanks for checking it out :)!
  • Original
    How small is the cup size is it a , b ,c
    I would say a
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