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Tired Make-up/Personal Items Lot. **MUST ✔✔ OUT**

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My very first growing tiered auction. Already over $90's in value. Tons more to come.
This auction will grow with participation.
Bidding, Comments, as well as Fan Requests will account for this growing auction.
Once the bidding goes to a higher status...I will add lots more brand name makeup and supplies.
I will check in on a daily basis and depending on how much participation and bids will depend on how much more I put into this tiered auction.
I will post pics when adding new stuff w/ details.
I'm very giving, so there's going to be tons of great stuff. W/ Extra Goodies.

Here's what is posted to start this...
1. Physicians Formula 24-karat Gold Collagen Setting Spray. 3.4 fl oz. (Delivers Luminous Finish with Golden Sheen)
2. 24-Karat Gold Collagen Lip Serum. 0.37 fl oz. (Advanced Anti-aging)
3. Wen by Chaz Dean Sweet Almond Mint - Straightening Smoothing Gloss. 1 fl oz.
4. Clinique Smart Night Custom Repair Moisturizer. .5 fl oz. Helps even out skin tone. Keep skin hydrated.
5. Clinique Smart Custom Repair Serum. .34 fl oz. (Helps reduce dark spots while evening out skin tone and preventing loss of firmness).
6. Physicians Formula. Eyeshadow Palette. Rose All Play.
12 colors. Apply wet or dry.
7. Wet and Wild Highlighting Powder. (2) total. 1 White and 1 Black.
8. The Color Workshop - Eyeshadow Palette. 6 colors.
9. Maybelline New York. Master Kajal by Eyestudio. Cream Kohl Eyeliner. Color 510 Onyx Rush Black. Pigment Enriched. Cone tip. Waterproof.
10. 2–Double-sided Nail File Texture Course.
**All Listia Rules Apply.
**Free shipping to a US Verified Listia Address Only.
**Tracking provided.
If you have any questions please ask.
Thank you kindly for stopping by.
Stay safe and have fun.
Remaining pics are close ups of the items.
No separation. Only SERIOUS bidding.

Updates may never override the original posting

  • May 5th 2020, 10:15 AM
    ***Day 1. Adding some new make-up brushes. 1 eyeshadow. 2 brush style sm and md.

    Photos were added
  • May 5th 2020, 11:17 PM
    ***The next five comments equals new item.

    Photos were added
  • May 7th 2020, 9:37 PM
    Bonus item added for 10 watching. Excuse me for being late I apologize. I accidentally wrote all this information in the comments section. So I'm not going to re-state. Check in comments for details. Here are the pictures.
    Pedi Feet To Go Kit.

    Photos were added
  • May 8th 2020, 3:13 AM
    About Bonus...Just a quick thought...If you are already a fan and it would not count toward
    upgrading the bonus item. If you leave just a random comment. I'll account tar towards the bonus. It would also increase the participation within the auction. Meaning Upgrading the bigger items. Just a thought. I'm excited.

    Photos were added
  • May 8th 2020, 5:38 AM
    Good Morning. Starting this morning off with some goodiesl.
    I am throwing in these cute little hair dittys.
    1. Rhinestone Bobby pins. 6ct. (I placed the white card stock under the 2 different Bobby pins. Hoping you could see the rhinestone stones better).
    2. Rhinestone ponytail holder.
    Good Luck.
    Happy Bidding.
    And as always Thanks Kindly.

    Photos were added
  • May 8th 2020, 5:40 PM
    Hi Listian's. Here's the item that I'm adding today.
    1. ELF - Mineral Pearls. Skin Blending Mineral Makeup.
    6 multi colored pearls blend together to make skin look flawless.
    As always...Thanks kindly for stopping.

    Photos were added
  • May 9th 2020, 6:07 PM
    BONUS Item: Hello all you GREAT people. Today I am adding just a couple little things. Still TONS to come.
    1. Diamond covered compact mirror.
    2. Magnetic Eyelash Container.
    Happy Pre Mother's Day Ladies.
    Can't wait to decide which awesome item to post next...

    Photos were added
  • May 10th 2020, 2:05 PM
    Will be adding something later on tonight. Happy Mother's Day Ladies.

    Photos were added
  • May 11th 2020, 2:32 PM
    Hey there ladies, I'm sorry I never ended up posting an item last night.

    So today I'm making up for it by posting 2 higher dollar items.

    1. Believe Beauty Glamour Pot. Gel to powder eyeshadow. Vintage/Brown. Quick to dry formula that transforms gel to powder.
    2. Avon Mega Impact Eyeliner. Rich copper/brown C103.

    This auction is so much fun. You guys rock.

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  • May 12th 2020, 12:56 PM
    Almost 30 watching. Time for a bonus item.
    1. Silver Earrings
    Thanks so very much all...

    Photos were added
  • May 13th 2020, 1:14 PM
    Good Afternoon.
    Today is a hair day. I've got 2 great products to help protect and maintain hairs health.

    1. TRESemme Expert - Repair&Protect 7
    Protects hair against 7 different types of damage. 4.2 fl oz.
    2. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day - Dry Shampoo. Cleans hair, eliminating oil, sweat and odor. 1.8 oz.

    Photos were added
  • May 14th 2020, 1:44 PM
    Here's a little bonus item for today. When bidding resumes I'll add bigger ticket items.
    1. O.P.I Top Coat

    Photos were added
  • May 17th 2020, 11:49 AM
    Hi all...Today's a lotion day. Adding 2 great items.
    1. Bath and Body Works - Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Cream. 24 hr moisture. 2.5 oz.
    2. The Body Shop - Mango Body Butter. 1.69 oz.

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  • Original
    Great auction w&b
    You rock. I thank you kindly.
  • Original
    This truly will be an amazing auction. Worth while.
  • Original
    What a great auction! ⭐️⚡️❤️
    Thank you so much. I bet at the end of this is going to be like Christmas in May. Thanks for the comment. As well as bedding. Good luck.
  • Original
    You are welcome sweetie . . . Nothing like an early Christmas LOL . . .
  • Original
    Bonus item added for 10 watching. Goal completed.
    Bonus item: Pedi feet care to go kit.
    This kit includes five steps:
    Step 1: Pedi Soak – cleans and conditions.
    Step 2: Pedi Care Sloughing - removes dead skin.
    Step 3: Pedi Conditioning Therapy - moisturize and. ourish.
    Step 4: - Pedi Scrub Exfoliating Gel - remove rough dry skin and calluses.
    Step 5: Callus Off - breakdown for easy removal.

    2 fl oz Bottles.
    5 steps total.
    Comes in a clear plastic bag with handle for Mini Pedi's to go.
    Also perfect because salons being closed.
    Any questions welcomed. Thanks Kindly.
  • Original
    Awesome listing :)
    That's so kind of you to say. Thanks so much. I'm really enjoying this one.1
  • Original
    Great auction
    I love giving things away to people with will enjoy them. Thanks for the positive message.
  • Original
    Awesome auction and watching
    Thanks so much. Fanned back.
  • Original
    Yvw hun yes I love doing it also especially now with everything going on
  • Picture?type=square
    Awesome auction watching and bidding :)
    Thanks so awesome. Thanks so much. Good Luck. Lots more goodies to come.
  • Original
    Awesome auction!
    Thanks. This one is so much fun.
  • Picture?type=square
    Nice auction!!!!
    Thanks it's been a blast.
  • Original
    Haven't had much action. I'll post something small and less expensive so I can still add-on to the hopefully daily/challenge? That's when I'll start adding the "BETTER" selection pile.
    Non-participating items also will be wanted items. Just smaller versions of health and beauty.
    *Since I didn't get any bites except for 1 person (ty) on the 10 comment challenging. I'll add item at 10 watching status.
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