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$100 Gift Card. Winners Choice

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This Auction is for Winners Choice of a $100 dollar Gift Card. You can have it in 1 card ($100), 2 cards ($50 each) or 4 cards ($25 each). You can have it sent digitally if it is for Amazon or Wal-Mart. If you want to have it shipped to you then it is your choice as well. Please No rude comments. They will be hidden and you may be blocked from my future auctions. Please no asking of lowing of days, asking for a GIN and No Buyers Remorse. Ask questions before Auction ends. Good Luck and Happy Bidding.

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  • May 18th 2020, 8:58 PM
    if this auction goes over 300,000 i will add another $25 to the total. so that will be $125. if it goes over 400,000 or more i will add $50. so this could be worth $150. good luck and lets see how far we can get this.
  • May 19th 2020, 4:29 PM
    Good job on getting this over 300,000. So I will add a extra $25 to the total. For a $125 gift card. Now lets see if we can get over 400,000 to make it a total of $150 instead of $125. Good luck and keep up the good work. If this auction exceeds my expectations my next Auction like this will be way better.
  • May 20th 2020, 1:12 PM
    Congrats. We went over the 400,000 mark so now this will be worth $150. Good Job all. Keep up the good work. As promised my expectations for this auction is almost to where it needs to be. So with that being said my next auction like this will be posted within 10 days. That auction will have something more. I hope everyone will like that one as well and make that auction even better.
  • May 24th 2020, 8:31 PM
    Thank you everyone for your bids and watching of this auction. I just wanted to update you and let you know that my next auction like this will be up in 7 days. You all will like it and I know that auction will be great as well. Thank you again.

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  • Original
    Great auction. :))
    thank you. good luck if your bidding
  • Original
    Your so welcome. Yes bidding. God Bless :))
    hope you win. :)
  • Original
    so if i win i can get the real card
    yes. you can get it mailed to your address or you can have the code sent to you online. your choice
  • Original
    this is awesome....
    thank you. good luck if your bidding
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