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Welcome to the Mystery Bidding Party!

The higher the bid, the higher quality of items.

The rules are simple......your bid will determine the size envelope that you will receive.

5000 xnk = Small Envelope with 3 to 5 items

5001 xnk - 10,000 xnk = Medium Envelope with 6 to 10 items

10,000 xnk -15,000 xnk = Large Envelope with 11 to 15 items

15,001 xnk - 20,000 xnk = Extra Large Envelope with 16 to 20 items

Bids that exceed 20,000 xnk will receive a bonus gift valued at $10

Envelopes may contain......Arts & Crafts, Stationary, Office Supplies, Stickers, Stamps, Sports Cards, Trading Cards, Decals, Coins, Fragrances, Makeup, Jewelry, Samples, Skincare, Bath & Body, Home Decor, Artwork, Pet Supplies, Post Cards, Sporting Goods, Collectibles, Accessories, Clothing, Sewing, Scrapbooking, Crochet, Knitting, Patches, Magnets, Journals and more!

This auction is for those that like to have fun and enjoy mystery and surprises. Do not bid if you need to receive certain items and will be upset if you do not get them. I offer complimentary shipping free of charge as well as quality items and surprises that will far exceed your bid amount. I have contracts with over 60 department and retail stores to liquidate their overstock inventory. I dont deal in junk. Items that you will receive are new overstocks and collectibles.

Free shipping to U.S. and Canada

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