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iPhone 7 Plus

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Great condition used once...UNLOCKED

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    Are you still with us? Or do I need to travel to a different time to find you?
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    Could you give more info?
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    How many GIGABYTES is this one? 16GB, 32GB, 128GB or 256GB? Definitely would like to know.
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    Hi - Awesome listing and welcome to Listia!

    Who was the original carrier?? Does it come with a charger or accessories??

    You are accepting Only Listia's currency XNK for this correct?? Thanx tons!
  • Admin medium
    ListiaMichelle Hi! To make sure you get the most bids and Ink from your listings, please add more information about your item. Additional details and photos will help others bid with confidence. This also reduces the number of questions that your bidders have to ask.

    Thanks for your cooperation and I hope you earn a ton of credits!
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    Seller isn't checking back into account to answer questions or Mod :(
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  • Original
    Could you give more information about this phone plz?? Ty
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