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1804 Liberty Old Silver Coin

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1804 Old Liberty Silver Coin Rare Find For Collectors

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    Strange you say that the local coin shop days otherwise... but at least some of us check our stuff before making bogus reps best wishes Casanova
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    I did check it out. Did he sell it to you?
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    It was my grandfathers and it was passed to me when he died having had it since 1905
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    im gonna save up my points an bid on it
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    Nice Coin!
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    Do you know that there are only 15 known examples of the 1804 dollar? They are an American treasure worth millions. If this coin is real then you have lost your mind selling it on here. But I'm sorry. It is not real.
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    Yah I have tried pulling it down but it won’t let me. I was sick to my stomach for days. Then decided to have a professional company authenticate the coin having had no clue what I really did or didn’t have. I’m sleeping a little better having learned it’s a very old coin that is solid silver but was not made by the treasury and not with millions. I’m sad relieved and intrigued because they had not seen a replica that was solid silver apparently it’s dating from when it was created as a copy of the original was roughly 100 years ago. I’ve now learned a lot about these coins and it’s crazy how many knockoffs there are all of which you can quickly identify their fake as a magnet will pick it up. The consensus was I have a really unique silver coin that is antique and vintage that was produced very close to the original in silver. So I’m still down and bummed that I can’t cancel the listing as the coins value is significant much more then it’s silver weight and unique similar to error like coins it’s actual origin is a mystery making it a coin I wish I had never listed and would hang onto forever it’s history is fascinating and it’s old silver has great value. I’ve made peace with myself knowing I haven’t lost millions being a total idiot but I have lost and I still feel pretty stupid.

    Can’t argue with anyone on that.

    Don’t really know what to do. This whole site is and was totally new to me. Blah
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    Zico I want to know why are you selling it if it should be keep in your family still
  • Original
    So if who ever wins it,they can have it checled out first,before accepting to pay for it,correct?Thats only fair,to the buyer,you ok with that deal?
  • Original
    That would be a yes or nu answer.
  • Original
    i also was told there were only a few real 1804 coins in existance is this a quarter half dollar or a dollar i believe most would think its a fake id like to see what an expert would say i hope you were right no one would sell a real worth alot on here
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