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Intriguing, captivating, gorgeous, show stopping, a definite 1 of a kind, and also conversation starter, are just a few words, and or, phrases, to describe this absolutely striking Amethyst Ring!

· Size 7

· Marked 925 as shown in Pic 4

· The Sparkly, Shining White Surrounding Stones are Topaz

· Amethyst is the Birthstone of Feb Babies

· TCW of the Center Amethyst Heart is a bit more than 1.6

· Will make a Wonderful Birthday Gift, and or, Anniversary Present, for Mom, Grandma, Nana, Aunt, Sister, Daughter, Granddaughter, Niece, Cousin, Wife, Fiancee, Girlfriend, BFF, Friend, Co Worker, and or, that Special Someone in Your Life!

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  • Jul 25th 2020, 4:35 PM
    I just want to say thank you very much to bestuna, boss1hogg2pimp, jojojoanna01, and kansasborn1234 for your Bids! I appreciate it so very much!

    Also, I'd like to thank everyone who is Watching, and or, has also Commented! All of you guys help to remind me as to why I continue to, not only use Listia, but also Post Items, as you are all so incredibly amazing and such a joy to interact with as well!

    So with that said, I am going to add a Fun Bonus Goal to make this Auction a bit more interesting for all of you! And here it is!

    * In honor of my Little Boy turning 4 and a half yrs old on Aug 6th, I am going to add a Pair of Sterling Silver 925 Earrings, if we can get the Bids to 806 Xnk! Not 8,060 Xnk, but just 806 Xnk to honor his 4 and a half yr Birthday on 08.06.2020!

    * We are less than 300 Xnk away, so let's get those Bids going everyone, so I can add the Pic of these Gorgeous Sterling Earrings!

    ❤ Happy Bidding to Everyone! ❤

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  • Jul 26th 2020, 3:01 PM
    A huge shout out and thank you very much to, redwitte, for holding down the Top Spot in the Bids! A huge Congratulations to you!

    But because we reached the Goal of 806 Xnk, the Winner will now also receive this stunning Pair of Stamped, Sterling 925 Stud Earrings, along with the Amethyst Heart and White Topaz Ring also!

    However, I was sadly unable to get a clear photo of the Stamp, but the Stamp reads on both the Earrings' Posts and its Backs also, "925 STE BEF" I am pretty sure. It may be BEE, as it's very hard to make out. But I am Certain it does read "925 STE" followed by 3 other characters, that do start with a B.

    But let's keep those Bids coming everyone, and who knows, maybe there will be another Sterling Piece of Jewelry, and or, another Awesome Bonus Prize, for the Winner!

    And I am definitely open to Suggestions, and or, Requests of any kind! So just Comment with what you'd possibly like to see added next!

    ❤ Happy Bidding to Everyone! ❤

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  • Jul 31st 2020, 8:20 AM
    Happy Friday to all of My Incredible Listia Friends and Fans! I hope this Wonderful Friday is just the start of an Awesome Weekend for all of you!

    And also, now that my Little Boy's 4 and a Half yr old Birthday is only just 7 days away, I wanted to propose another Fun Goal for us to reach! And for everyone interested, this Goal will be as follows:

    * If the Bidding reaches 7,777 Xnk by 7pm today, I am going to add another Surprise Bonus Item!

    * However, until we reach this Goal, the only information I am going to provide about this Item as of now, is that it Retails for $26!

    * Also, anyone who wishes to utilize the GIN to Win, will also receive the $26 Bonus Surprise Item, the 6mm Sterling Silver 925 Crystal Studs, in addition to the Sterling 925 Amethyst Heart Ring with White Topaz Accents!

    ❤ Happy Bidding to Everyone! ❤

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  • Original
    It did change overnight unfortunately
    Really? Well I guess in that case, I am pretty glad that the Xnk Protocol has finally increased! It's about dammmm time! Haha!

    But do you know what the conversion rate is approx now? As in what 1000 Xnk is equivalent to $ wise?

    Your response is so very much appreciated!
  • Original
    Very pretty! Bumped up the bid...
    Thank you very much! For both the compliment, and the Bid! Now it's time for me to add the Bonus! A pair of Sterling Stamped, 925 Earrings! However, my phone is so low on space sadly, that I need to use my mom's phone and Email the photos to myself! So fingers crossed, that it won't effect the quality of the pics very much!

    Either way though, I hope you and everyone else participating in this Auction, find these Earrings as captivatingly stunning as I do!
  • Original
    Unless Xnk Protocol made a serious overnight increase, your math is completely wrong. Additionally, if you don't like what you are seeing, then keep it moving homeboy!
  • Original
    It's actually closer to $9, so either visit your community college and check out some basic math classes, and or, as I said previously, keep it moving to the next auction bro!
  • Original
    I've had problems with some do, because they I too are over on the INK?? Is the ring marked 925 & ring size?
    It is marked 925, 5 which can be seen vin the very last photo 1
  • Original
    No worries, as it's my pleasure! But also, I just realized that in my previous response, I forgot to answer your 2nd question about the size. So I do apologize! However, it is a Size 7, and is true to size.
  • Original
    Still a pretty rinng
    I really appreciate your sweet compliment! And it really is a stunning ring!
  • Default avatar m
    I’ll trade you my power puff girl painting for it
    As much as I would love to make that trade, I am really trying to build my Xnk back up! But again, I really do appreciate your offer!
  • Picture?type=square
  • Picture?type=square
    nice auction, GL
  • Original
    Gorgeous ring and my birthstone!
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