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rose gold iphone 8 plus

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  • Pompano Beach, FL USA (map)
  • Local pick up only
works like new , the front has no cracks or scratches , the back is cracked . available for world
wide shipping or pick up

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    HI! Great listing! Is this unlocked to any carrier?? How many GBs??

    If you are shipping then you'll need to edit this from local pickup only.

    You are accepting Listia's currency XNK as Payment for the phone correct?? Thanx
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    Free shipping ?
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    Hello?? It would be very helpful if you could check into your account to reply to questions please? Ty
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    Why don't people ever answer?
  • Default avatar m
    Hello is it still available
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    FLAGGED seller hasn't checked back in to answer since 7/31!
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