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Opened to test only. supports ap, repeater, router mode. double the coverage of your wifi with ease. eliminate wifi dead zones, speeds up to 300 mbps wifi wireless connection. 300 mbps transmission rate. wps push button. specifications: improves wireless coverage in all wlan networks. wireless speeds up to 300 mbps. 2 x built in antennas providing even better wireless performance. supports wpa-psk/ wpa2-psk encryption. provides 1 x 10/100 mbps auto-negotiation ethernet lan port. provides 1 x 100 mbps auto-negotiation ethernet wan/lan port. easy wireless security encryption by one punch on the wps button. designed with a 3 x wifi signal strength led. features a convenient mode selector, enabling you to switch to ap/repeater/router. features a convenient power switch, enabling you to switch on/off. software wizard for simple setup. compact, wall plug design for convenient placement. description: the wifi ap/router is mainly used for providing free wifi service in big areas such as factory, community, street, etc. the ap router can take an existing 802.11n wireless signal, repeat and extend it to a longer range where it is too far away for the router or access poing to reach. the ap/router supports 2.4 ghz wireless network connection, and it can support 2.4 ghz transmission speeds up to 300 mbps. it has 2 x internal antennas providing even better wireless performance, transmission rates, stability technology automatically avoids channel conflicts using it's channel selection feature. system requirement: 110-230 volt socket. the wlan client must support at least the wpa encryption standard. wlan access point and the wlan client with automatic ip address assignment. forwarding of ipv4-based protocols/address resolution protocol. the network name (ssid) of the wlan access point must be set to "visible." anyone who has bid in the past or has not and will not say they received this item within 3 days of tracking showing delivery, do not bid. you will be permanently blocked.

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