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Blind Trail at Sunrise

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Here__from the pen of the top hand of all Western story-tellers--is suspense-filled mystery and triple-trigger action that will hold you spellbound. "Sad" Sontag and his pal Swede knew the body in the Los Angeles morgue was not Jim Casey's. The police thought it was, and not the pretty niece who had never seen "Jim" until just before he was killed, thought it was. Whathad happened to Jim? Sad and Swede went to his home town to find out. When they nosed around for the answer, bullets began to blaze and things began to happen fast. For swift suspense, tender romance, laughs that give you a lift, and a plot that packs a wallop you can't beat this fat moving, thrill-crammed western mystery.
This little book is only 3 x 4 1/2 Its a paperback.129 pages. The copyright says 1945 Royce Publishers Chicago, Illinois Printed in U.S.A. Authur W.C. Tuttle

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