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5 EX mega pokemon cards

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See pics for more details!
Pidgeot ex 65/108
Mewtwo ex 64/162
Alakazam ex 118/124
Gardevoir ex 112/114
Gyardos ex 115/122

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    Props tag64
    I'd rather explain. These are called flash cards. I bought sets on here from someone from China so my son could play with them , they came in stacks of 50 or 20 and are exactly the same as yours. They all have exactly the same shine to them. Most of those types would also have the special ridges if they were authentic . I do mercari to and buy and sell pokemon cards on there a lot so I really hate telling you this
    Props tag22
    Dang thats horrible thank you for letting me know,im offering everyone who wins the option of having a refund. I really appreciate you explaining this to me.
  • Original
    Props tag15
    These are very fake
    Props tag22
    That's insane I paid so much for these, thanks for letting me know I have already warned everyone that has won or is bidding and winning on them.
  • Original
    Props tag64
    I was scared to say something because I didnt want to upset you. I figured you might not have had any idea. And that picture you have of fake back vs real back, its actually the opposite, that back that said real was fake.and the beat up looking one is of a real card atleast I say that because I have a lot of my sons real cards he played with and the backs will always end up looking like that after kids playing with them, never buy stacks of cards that look like yours from anyone unless they have the special ridges embedded all over or you'll notice all your cards have the same exact metallic shine to them, if you look at real cards you'll notice they all very, some have ridges, a lot dont but they all have unique parts that shine and dont shine etc.
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