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Amazon Gift card digital delivery

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Amazon Gift card digital delivery

Starts with zero opening bid

And $1

Bid to increase the gift card amount: 750 points adds $1

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  • Jan 24th 2021, 6:59 AM
    Currently $1

    Bid to 750 points if you want more than $1

    Please check out my other auctions

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  • Original
    Props tag88
    Fantastic auction. I am watching & will be back. God Bless
    Props tag47
    Thank you! God bless!
  • Original
    Props tag19
    How much is card worth?
    Props tag47
    Currently $1

    until it reaches 750 points then $2
    At 1500 it is $3
    At 2250 it is $4
    And so forth

    Thank you for your question!
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