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This beautiful and dainty Tourmaline crystal.
This peice is perfect for handmade jewlery or use it for it's healing properties.
About 1" X1/4"
Please ask questions before bidding. After that BID with reckless abandon!
Listia rules (?) apply.. I guess..

Won't you be my neighbor? Won't you be, won't you be? Please won't you be my neighbor? Hello neighbor!

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    Props tag73
    I bet you’re a Pisces!
    Props tag65
    Nah. Capricorn (but my mom was a Pisces)!!!
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    Props tag73
    My daughter, youngest, read your listings and said he must be a Pisces! I’ll tell her you’re not. She’s all into that stuff about moon phases and rising‘s and she can tell you so much about yourself you’ll never wanna know!
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