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HP Computer - Kubuntu Linux (Win 10 Pro Code) 8 GB Ram 2x Intel Dual Core

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HP Full Tower Desktop Computer
Kubuntu 20.04 Linux 64 bit OS Installed and ready to go.
Screenshot shows the current system up and running.
Windows 10 Pro code included on the PC case if you're so inclined.
8 GB of Ram
I forgot to check the HD size before it was packaged, should be 2TB HDD but could vary.
Integrated graphics on the motherboard, room for a dedicated graphics card.
Please see images for other connections, both front and back.
No returns, sold as is. On rare occasions, especially after a power outage, the cmos battery gets reset and you have to hit F1 after booting, but the computer still works fine.
This is a great computing workhorse...would make an excellent node for the PI network, Presearch network, and several others.

The start bid is based on the current value of a Listia point ($0.002/pts). Shipping is based upon your location:
Shipping Zip: 43964
Size: 23" x 23" x 14"
Weight: 40lbs

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    Props tag77
    Which Intel processor exactly is it? If you don't know, what is the model# of the machine. I don't know if HP uses something similar to the Express Codes that Dell uses, but that would be helpful to nail down the processor if the other things aren't easy to get to.
    Props tag71
    Check the second image, it tells you the processor.
  • Original
    Props tag77
    Oops you're right, sorry.
    Props tag71
    No worries! ;)
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