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Huawei UMG1691 WebConnect Jet USB Modem

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Comes with SIM card adapter

The T-Mobile Huawei UMG1691 WebConnect Jet USB Modem is a 3G mobile data solution for any computer with a USB port, providing internet access to your laptop from anywhere on the USA T-Mobile network. The T-Mobile Connection Manager, which self-installs with Windows, automatically finds all available WiFi, 3G and 2G networks and connects to the best available network. The Huawei UMG1691 WebConnect Jet USB Modem can support up to an 32 GB memory card, eliminating the need to carry both a WebConnect and a flash memory drive, and the unique swivel design protects the USB connector without a separate cover when not in use. When used with the WebConnect Rate Plan, the Huawei UMG1691 T-Mobile WebConnect Jet USB Laptop Stick provides unlimited, free access to all T-Mobile HotSpots. It weighs 1.10 ounces and the dimensions are 1.1 X 3.4 X 0.5 inches. The Huawei UMG1691 T-Mobile Webconnect USB Modem is compatible with Windows 7, XP, Vista, or MAC OS X 10.4 (Leopard) or higher versions.

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