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POSITIVE 12 Day LOT: Good Items , Merchandise, Things **Love Within Lot!**

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Theres SO much going on in the world right now .... I am SOOO over the Negative that surrounds us

Lets escape it for a while and reflect on Positive things!

Leave a Comment about something Good/Positive or something GOD has done for you or what your BLESSED about! I Would love to hear! :)

Here is a Potentially HUGEEEE Bundle of GOODS, Cool Things, Neat Stuff, Merchandise, Etc.

----> I will Add for the next 14 Days - Obviously the more bids, The more I will add.....either way I'm going to add for the next 14 days with GOOD things! Plenty of Photos and Info so you'll wanna read the Comments

---->I've got SOOOO Much I Can put for 1 Lucky Winner---->Don't Miss Out !!

*Random: Obviously the Boxes shown are for example Only of what I can add...Cuz' I know someone will ask Hehehe.

Staring With a Few things: Pretty self explanatory of the items. The Pretty necklace is a Vintage 70s Long strand of clear beads.

Updates may never override the original posting

  • Apr 28th 2021, 11:47 PM
    Thx, 1st bid-Adding a New set of 4 Earrings from Claires $12.50

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  • Apr 30th 2021, 2:12 PM
    Thanks All! :)
    Adding MORE Items

    New Cute Sloth Hand Sanitizer

    2 Vaseline LIP Smoothers - As seen they got smudged be
    advised **NOT** Used. I do not sell USED Lip products, these were merely smudged having the lids open . One is a Light shimmer Gold they are from Vaseline

    6 VS Bath Bomb Fizzers (VS=Victorias Secret)

    6 Hair Bows (new) They have the Silver Jaw clip on back. Child or Adult

    Bath & Body Works FULL Size BEACH Body Lotion, 90% Full

    HUGE "Flapper"-Esque Hair Flower. As seen can be a pony tail holder or clipped into hair

    New pair of Hot Pink SUNGLASSES from Claires

    3 New Rolls Decorative Tape from Holly Lobby

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  • Apr 30th 2021, 3:01 PM
    1991 Variety Pack UNOPENED 100 Baseball Cards. Really unique! You can find some Rarities in here- Bag has never been opened. Just showing the cards as example.

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  • May 2nd 2021, 1:14 AM
    Adding 5 New Hand Lotions-Shea Butter Morris (NEW)

    Mary K Makeup Samples

    BIG Jewelry Assorted Items, New Earrings, Choker, Lalaloopsy Kawaii Charm, Heart With Arrow Silver necklace, Silver "leaf" Earrings and Others

    NEW "Shine" Bling Face Mask *NEW

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  • May 2nd 2021, 1:16 AM
    ADDING More: New Body Sanitizer Spray By EOS

    New Charms as seen

    New Pair of Warm Adorable Fuzzy Soft Womens Socks ($6)

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  • May 2nd 2021, 5:42 PM
    Adding New Wallet-Clutchette Says ABOUT LAST NIGHT

    Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Hair Serum- Believe it or not, I paid $30 for this baby -85% Left, Amaaazing Stuff

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  • May 4th 2021, 1:21 AM
    Com'on Listians: Ya'l Don't realize how much I can add

    So In the meantime..................I'm going to add for TUESDAY:

    VIP PRO Curler! Gives you those li'l Ringlet Hair Curls. $29.99 -Mint Condition

    New SIMPLE Kind to skin Light Body Moisturizer

    3 More Kawaii Hair Bows for adults or kids

    Upclose Shot of the Jewelry Bundle

    **GOT GIFT CARDS, MORE NEW MERCHANDISE, VS PERFUME, BATH & BODY WORKS Items, Media And Sooo Much More - Get to 5,000 and I'll Drop the BOMB!!!!

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  • May 5th 2021, 12:40 AM
    Thanks all! so let's keep it going!!

    $7.00 bob evans gift card

    full size bottle of bronzed amber body lotion from bodycology $9.97 (new!)

    sebastian light blonde hair shampoo- 75% full. adding it, paid $28 for this! good stuff

    hair expert apple cider vinegar hair leave in treatment -90% full

    metallic color mp3 player *unsure if it works, i believe it does it will need a usb cord but im adding it :)

    gorgeous $16.99 long metallic necklace & earring set from dara's fine jewelry & boutique. i wish the color came out better, it stunning, matching earrings too!

    2 new mouth gaurds in pink & clear -

    gorgeous new gold purse clutch with chain glamourous!!!!

    new wireless audio transceiver -paid $10 - never used

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  • May 5th 2021, 3:56 PM
    Added a WHOLE SLEW of items for your enjoyment!!!! Thanks All -- Keep those bids A Comin' !!! LOTS Added

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  • May 6th 2021, 3:07 AM
    Thanks All - Did Ya See ALL the goodies I Posted Above????

    Well Let's ADD Some More

    NEW! Circus Sam Edelman Olivia Marble Acrylic Case...$24.00>> See there is a lined crack in the Marble. Doesn't affect the clutch or carrying but I'm making note of it /NWT.....*It does not have the chain

    OTHER COOL Items with Description In the Photos ADDED too - WOWZERS, this Lot is HUGE and It can continue to Grow!! L@@k at Pics - Ive Added a **Bunch** More

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  • May 7th 2021, 1:18 AM
    Ya'l Are the BEST!!! Thanks
    And For that WE ADD..... Why Just Look at everything

    *Adding NEW GORGEOUS NECKLACE & EARRING SET FROM Claire's... Stunning

    *Adding Assorted CHARMS LaLaLoopsy, My Li'l Pony, And More

    *Adding 8 AWESOME Essential OILS in Different Scents- These are BIG Sellers in our shop, We sell them for $6.99 A Piece -Your getting ALL 8

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  • May 7th 2021, 3:07 AM
    NEW: Addddorable ~Cinnamaroll Tag Kawaii Keychain Luggage
    New With Tags > FIFA World Cup Tshirt NWT Large

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  • May 8th 2021, 3:07 AM
    MAN, YA'L ARE THE BEST.....Thanks for Posting & Bidding : With that Everyone
    Lets Go "Old Skool" With some COOL COLLECTIBLE VINTAGE ITEMS, Whata Say!

    -Rare Vintage TREASURE ISLANDS FIJI Wrap Skirt Blanket Cruiser -Vintage fiji treasure island Cotton wrap or skirt or sand lay blanket style. Measuring: 33 x 66..........Excellent condition. Not that it matters but these have sold on others sites for $25.00
    This one is PRISTINE
    -Also adding a Vintage Unique Pillowcase! See Pics . So Cute, Retro , It also is in MINT Condition
    -Rare OLYMPIC GAMES 1996 T-shirt Collection Large NEW Vintage Top Shirt *These are HIGHLY Collectible and Will fetch you some $$$ if you wish to sell. This is 40-42" Inches around, NO Dry Rot. New with Tags , Old Stock . Cotton Blend

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  • May 8th 2021, 11:16 AM
    Adding More!! See Pics, GOOD stuff

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  • May 9th 2021, 4:59 AM
    Have you seen how much is seriously in this lot?!!!!
    most sellers add 1 item for every bid ....i add lots -n- lots
    over 100 items so far! well over $250+ in merchandise

    whats been added since last?

    elf products
    facial beauty items

    new scoop perfume $30 (red box)

    collectible michigan trading cards - they are sealed! you get'em all - $4 a piece a pack

    rare 1996 olympic t-shirt size lg - these go from $30-$50 online. this is original from atlanta olympics (unisex)

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  • May 9th 2021, 5:00 AM
    3 new makeup products $12.95 just in these 3 items

    **no one adds growing lots like nateycakes!***

    there is soooooooooo much to add too

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  • Original
    Props tag61
    This is so wonderful. I’m thankful that all my Listia sisters are there for Each-other. I honestly have met some of my closest friends here on Listia. Watching and of course I’m going to bid. LOL ;)
    Props tag81
    I Love Listia too- Its like my family online :P
  • Original
    Props tag67
    I am thankful listia is still here and back to how it was when I loved it most. I fell away when xp started, I just couldn't understand it lol I checked and its points again and some of my favorite sellers are still here!!! Now I can get rid of the clutter and have fun doing it!
    Props tag81
    Thanks For posting! I hear Ya! I always look at those I know & it makes me happy! I would love to see Listia continue to Grow! Ive made such Friendships Here!!

    Because of your Comment, I will be adding MORE
  • Original
    Props tag77
    Best add-on auction I have ever seen
    Props tag81
    I really want to THANK you for such a NICE Comment! Means a Lot!!!!
  • Original
    Props tag72
    love this i'm going have my first frist grand baby aug 13
    Props tag81
    How Exciting!!! **Hugs** With that Wonderful News, I will Be adding!!!!
  • Original
    Props tag33
    God has blessed me with 2 wonderful sons that I'm so proud of ! Iam a extremely proud mother both of my boys are serving our great country in the united states military! One in the Air force, the other in the Marines! Everyone please pray not only my boys but for all the men and women who are serving our great nation. Thank you God!
    Props tag81
    Thats SO Awesome! I Come from an entire family of Jar Heads and I mean that in the BEST Way , My nephew just enlisted and Im Sooo proud! Thanks For sharing that Love - for this reason I am SOOO adding More!!!!
  • Original
    Props tag31
    My wife is pretty interested lol. Watching. :)
    Props tag81
  • Original
    Props tag35
    Would you ship to canada if I paid shipping
    Props tag81
    Yes I would -
  • Original
    Props tag35
    Okay awesome im bidding
    Props tag81
    Awesome - I will Be adding More tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Original
    Props tag35
    Okay great i cant wait
    Props tag81
    TY Lovely- Ive added SO many extras too that I havent mentioned, I always do!!!!
  • Original
    Props tag36
    Great auction! Watching and Fanning :0))
    Props tag81
    TY So very Much, Please consider bidding -you'll be pleased!!!
    Ive added SOOOO many extras too that Ive not mentioned in the ad, I always do :)
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