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$15 Subway Gift Card - EMAILED ONLY

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This auction will start with $30.00 digital gift card to subway

This is how this auction will go

99 - 33,300 will be $30.00
33,301 - 66,600 will be $60.00
66,601 - 99,900 will be $90.00
99,901 And beyond will be $120.00

MAX VALUE $120.00

This will be emailed for faster and safer delivery

I will provide code within 24-72 hours

Updates may never override the original posting

  • May 11th 2021, 6:58 PM
    Remember I am starting this auction with a $30 digital GC code not $15
    As the description states
    Let’s pick up the bids and reach fir the max amounted $120.00

    Good luck everyone

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    Props tag63
    Does it have to be digital?? How would I use it at subway then? They don’t deliver here
    Props tag65
    You download the app and you add the code to your account and use it as form of payment when paying. I use digital for faster delivery so I can get my points faster and the winner gets there code faster as well
  • Original
    Props tag63
    Oh ok thanks!
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